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I got an email from Jill Savage from Hearts at Home, that I will include at the bottom. And I wanted to confirm and share what she says. When was the last time you celebrated your small victories at a mom or as a family?

My husband recently started his own company. He works at a contract and says all the things we will do if he gets it. Then he does,… and life just goes on. We are afraid something might still go wrong, so we feel foolish to celebrate.

I can relate in my world. The baby sleeps through the night. Do we celebrate? No. Too afraid that tonight will be different. I had time to wash 2 loads of washing today. Do we celebrate? No. Too busy and too tired. I did not yell at the kids once today. Do I celebrate? No. What if the burden of the expectation never to do it again becomes too heavy. Etc.

But what if we did celebrate every contract. Bottle of bubbly just for the 2 of us tonight, an ice cream for the whole family, something small something big. It is not really important how. What matters is that we stop to look back and experience the thankfulness of the moment. Stop to enjoy. Because tomorrow might be hard. Something might go wrong. But today was good. This moment is good. And no one knows as well as I do how great every success is for me.

Be blessed today. Helena xxx



JillShe finally did it.  She stayed dry all night!  Even though it happened over 26 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday!  It was a triumph worth celebrating!


Motherhood is hard. It’s filled with all kinds of goals that we work towards with our kids like weaning from the breast or the bottle, potty-training, learning their letters, writing their name, or tying their shoes. As they get older we work toward them completing their homework without help, or writing their first paragraph.  As they move into the teen years, they get their learner’s permit and eventually acquire their license. They learn to do laundry or write their first research paper. 


Some of these triumphs are our kids’ accomplishments and some are a blended accomplishment of parent and child.  Many times the accomplishment is under-celebrated, particularly when it comes to acknowledging the effort the parent has contributed. 


When we work hard toward a goal and the goal is achieved, it deserves a celebration! 

As moms, we’re pretty 

good at celebrating our kids’ accomplishments, but not always so good at celebrating our own.  Sometimes we let one challenging season just blend into the next challenging season without stopping to celebrate the progress made.


When we love and celebrate our triumphs, we give ourselves a much needed reward or pat on the back for a job well done. It’s unlikely that your three year old will say “Gee mom, great job potty-training me!” so you and I have to find ways to mark those moments with a celebration of some sort. You might ask a friend to meet you for coffee, suggest your hubby bring home carry-out for dinner, take a candlelight bath, or go treat yourself to a pedicure.  If it’s something you and your spouse have trudged through together, then a celebration date or dinner out just might be in order.


In some way, pause and take notice of your accomplishment. It’s a love-your-life self-care strategy that will keep you plugging along the parenting journey for the long haul! 


Joining you in the journey,



Jill Savage

Wife to Mark

Mom of Anne, Evan, Erica, Kolya, and Austin

Nana to Rilyn, Landon, and Marie