Review Elaine Otto Photography

What a great photo shoot we had on Friday 1 Aug with Elaine Otto Photography!! Goodness, my kids loved Elaine so much they keep on asking when she is coming for tea!

Helena familie-5 Helena familie-7 Helena familie-6 Helena familie-12

Elaine studied photography, thinking it a hobby, but enjoyed it so much that she decided to follow it as a career. She prefers natural light, and as she has a good relationship with a few wine farms in the district, she enjoys many of them as her natural canvasses.  She took us to Meerendal Wine Estate outside Durbanville.  Very familiar to us because of all the Markets we have held there. But even so, she led us to an open space where we had not been before. It was beautiful and it was late afternoon – she chooses her time as carefully as her spaces.

Helena familie-14 Helena familie-13

Can I just interrupt myself here and say that yes I was very worried about the late afternoon time slot with 3 little kids. The little one refused to take every opportunity I created for her to sleep while driving around. So after school, several other stops, rushing to cut my son’s hair at the very cool barber shop we discovered!, getting dressed AND doing 2 little girls’ hair for the second time that day, I had a very cranky toddler in the car.

Helena familie-2

As recommended by Elaine, I carefully chose and laid out everyone’s clothes, all in the same colour pallet. Seeing trouble was brewing when middle child pulled her own outfit from the cupboard in a very different colour pallet!!, I tried to explain that we should all match. “How will it look if the one dresses in orange, that one in pink, that one in blue, that one in red… – we will look like a circus!” “Or a rainbow”, my son said. And that did it for me. I realised that we are a rainbow. Our family is loud and full of colour. I will not worry about the colour pallet anymore! (took 3 different scarves with me just in case.)

Helena familie-4 Helena familie-3

Years spent as an au-pair was the best training for Elaine’s job, apart from the photography of course. She drew my kids in, complimented them and even took some lead from them. My son wanted a photo where he leaps through the air, and middle child wanted one with her new hair band, etc. Elaine instructed them very well, but never made them feel like they were less important than the shot.

Helena familie-10 Helena familie-9 Helena familie-8 Helena familie-11

Apart from beautiful and relaxed family shoots, Elaine also does maternity and newborn shoots, engagements and couples, children, weddings and portraits. She has a lovely special running for winter – if you book before the end of August 2014, you receive a 30% discount on all location shoots until the end of 2014. Take her up on it! Is there anything more sweet than the faces of your kids and the chance of seeing us all together. As a family, in rainbow colours. Thank you Elaine. xxx


Product Review : Cotton Candyfloss

Litza’s package arrived in the post yesterday! I love getting parcels – reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandma used to send us parcels for our birthdays – filled with all sorts of non-related goodies; sweets, knitted things, toys bought, card written, all packed in brown paper box tied up with string and sealed with red wax. (these are a few of my favourite things…hmmm – hmmm)


Inside were two parcels, one for baby girl and one for baby boy…

IMG-20140707-01413     IMG-20140708-01420

My friend is waiting in for her third little girl and ended up in the hospital a few days earlier than planned. How great is was to deliver her special package in the hospital room where no flower arrangements are permitted. Litza, from Cotton Candyfloss makes up special baby gifts, good enough to eat, but also quality enough to use. For Sonja, it was a white metal bucket filled with soft brushed cotton baby receiving blanket and a pair of soft cotton baby socks. (comes in sizes 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-12mths). All packaged so beautifully. Even the other visitors had to take a picture!

IMG-20140707-01412      IMG-20140707-01414 IMG-20140707-01415      IMG-20140707-01416 IMG-20140707-01417      IMG-20140707-01418

Then today, I blessed my other friend, expecting her 3rd son with a box of cupcake socks!!

IMG-20140708-01421      IMG-20140708-01422 IMG-20140708-01423      IMG-20140708-01424 IMG-20140708-01425      IMG-20140708-01427

Cotton Candyfloss is based in Johannesburg and makes these special gifts for babies and toddlers. What to give my two friends who already have everything? These were a pretty good idea!!

She also makes facecloth cupcakes,


soft rabbits,




glass jam jar with cotton baby grows inside (comes in sizes: 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-12mths),

glass jar jam with cotton baby grow inside 0-3 3-6 6-12

and sweet owls nesting on a branch of cotton baby sock!

owls resting on a branch of cotton socks!

Order these gifts directly from her. She is also one of this month’s exhibitors on our Baby and Kiddies ONLINE Market. Remember to view all the wonderful stands there for NEWBORN gifts in July 2014.

Proudly South African handmade gifts for babies and toddlers
+27 725570255

Review of naturally beauty-full products


I like Kerry. Her husband says she talks too much too fast, but I like it – she has passion about what she does. From home schooling 3 kids to starting and producing the naturally beauty-full skin range. We also spoke passionately about adoption over the culture lines and that is always a special conversation for me. I met her with a car like mine – full of kids and a house full of things inside, just in case you need it… I have been hooked to the smell of her Body Whipped Cream ever since!

She blessed me with the whole range of their products and included samples in the Welcome packs of the recent My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Market for everyone to try.

Her products are all natural and she is generous with size and price is reasonable.

I tried the wonderful lip balm, but lost it to the kids somewhere between then and now! I enjoy daily treatments of the body butter on my hands and great for legs after shaving. I have bathed in the bath balls which left my skin feeling so soft. The foot soak smells of revitalizing mint and the body whipped cream has a smell that keeps me sniffing at my hands long after I’ve applied it! My friend who suffers from eczema says the body butter does not irritate her skin and that is rare. But Kerry also makes a Healing Balm that she is very proud of. It boasts to treat ailments from muscle pain to nasal congestion! A great thing to have in your medicine cabinet, or better even, your daily handbag with kids! The body and face scrubs include coffee, which I thought a strange ingredient, until I read all the benefits of coffee on her website.

But then she also has products specifically for baby – baby body butter and bum butter. Great for those baby massages!

She has a beautiful website where you can order her products which will then be sent to you. I am sure these products will be available in local shops pretty soon, but in the meantime you will be able to meet her and buy directly from her at the upcoming My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Market at Stellenbosch Square on 15 June between 9am-2pm. Or you can place your order in advance to make sure she has enough stock and just collect from her there! Enjoy all the smells!!!

Review Money Mo

I really like Shani from Miney Mo. I was so happy that she joined our last market at the end of 2012 with so much flair. She jumped at the chance to give my girls the opportunity to wear her rompers. The problem was that the moment I put them on, they could not stand still for one photo! Obviously so much fun and they feel great.

Shani, a mother of two, makes these proudly SA, “made with love”, clothing range. She makes dresses, rompers and headbands, and sells the Nanny Notebook, , also one of the most amazing products that I have discovered – for moms that need to leave new babies with a nanny.


Go take a look on and see the beautiful colours and fabric she uses.

Also on Facebook at

Durbanville-20121124-00974 Durbanville-20121124-00972

Durbanville-20121124-00983 Durbanville-20121124-00981 Durbanville-20121124-00980 Durbanville-20121124-00978 Durbanville-20121124-00977

Review for M.O.M Diary

I came across the M.O.M. Diary a while ago and have tried to get them at our My Favourite Things Baby and Kiddies Markets, but at least now I am privileged to have one and to share about it.

What a great idea: A diary for moms, by moms. And M.O.M. stands for Most Organised Mom – I need that! It is a hardcover A5 diary, like the usual ones we know. But mine is a beautiful pink and holds more of what I need inside. It even has a section in front to explain and help you use the full potential of the diary. It has the usual important stuff like public and school holidays and personal info, calendar and year planner and monthly planner. But then also emergency telephone numbers, a business directory with lists of websites you might find interesting, a Family Photo page, a page to right extra mural activities of kids both summer and winter, a goal setting section, keep record of Borrowed and loaned items, Safety tips and a budget planner. My Favourites are: tear out pages for shopping lists, your own wish list page and gift ideas for friends’ page to plan throughout the year, and a page to keep record of Important Kids info, like ID numbers, bank accounts and illnesses.

Each daily page has space for appointments, reminders, family and social, goals and a space to note what you are grateful for.

If you are like me and need some help to be M.O.M. this might be your answer.

Read more product reviews at

IMG-20121112-00877 MOMDiary1 MOMDiary2 MOMDiary3

Resensie van Lekkerbekkie TV

Lekkerbekkie TV het net betyds gearriveer. Betyds om saam te vat en altyd by ons te he hierdie Desembervakansie, maar ook betyds omdat ons moeg is vir CBBs en Disney Junior en nie saamstem met alles wat DSTV vir ons kinders voorsit nie. Lekkerbekkie TV is 24uur op die internet, so geen tv nodig nie, net jou laptop, of Ipad en jou internetkonneksie.

Anna Emm wat verantwoordelik is vir honderde oorspronklike kinderstories op CD en DVD het nou  hierdie wonderlike konsep begin. Al die stories wat gewys word is uit haar pen en ook op DVD beskikbaar. Die reekse roeteer en daar word elke dag nuwe kombinasies gewys sodat die kleintjies nie moeg raak nie. Die program is op die website beskikbaar, asook inkleurprentjies van die gewilde karaktertjies: Lekkerbekkie Muis is ‘n animasiekaraktertjie wat woon in die bos en vele avonture saammet sy vriende beleef, Professor Pom en die ander karakters is handpoppe wat eksperimente in die Lekkedik Laboratorium doen, Oeps-e-daisies bestaan uit ‘n string karakters wat allerlei snaakse goed aanvang. Geen dialoog maak dit pret vir almal om te kyk, Antoinette Louw lees Anna Emm se gewilde stories voor in Storietyd, en Sussie en Jakob is die Afrikaanse antwoord op Mr Maker en kie. Gaan loer gerus saamet jou kleinspan op en geniet die Afrikaanse en eg-Suid-Afrikaanse tv kanaal nou beskikbaar internationaal!

Lees meer resensies van kinderprodukte op

lekkerbekie tv

Review of Vintage Belle

Bonnie, the designer of Vintage Belle lives in Durban. This make me very sad, because we have to miss out on her clothes in our local shops, as well as, and most importantly, at my markets!

When I received the beautifully wrapped package, I knew I was in for a treat. Inside were the softest cotton dresses, lined and finished off with embroidery lace.  There were bows and buttons and the dresses flowed when the girls twirled and sang “ooh-la-lah”.

When you browse through her website you will realise that this something special and that every girl, especially your own, will look like a real little girl in these vintage outfits.

Do yourself a favour and explore or contact Bonnie at

(I had to ask to take professional pictures of the girls in the dresses to be able to showcase them properly. Thank you Elizma!)

VintageBelle1 VintageBelle Vintage Bell2 Vintage Bell IMG_2906 - CopyA IMG_2903 copyA IMG_2892 - CopyA IMG_2863 - CopyA IMG_2855 copyA