Review Elaine Otto Photography

What a great photo shoot we had on Friday 1 Aug with Elaine Otto Photography!! Goodness, my kids loved Elaine so much they keep on asking when she is coming for tea!

Helena familie-5 Helena familie-7 Helena familie-6 Helena familie-12

Elaine studied photography, thinking it a hobby, but enjoyed it so much that she decided to follow it as a career. She prefers natural light, and as she has a good relationship with a few wine farms in the district, she enjoys many of them as her natural canvasses.  She took us to Meerendal Wine Estate outside Durbanville.  Very familiar to us because of all the Markets we have held there. But even so, she led us to an open space where we had not been before. It was beautiful and it was late afternoon – she chooses her time as carefully as her spaces.

Helena familie-14 Helena familie-13

Can I just interrupt myself here and say that yes I was very worried about the late afternoon time slot with 3 little kids. The little one refused to take every opportunity I created for her to sleep while driving around. So after school, several other stops, rushing to cut my son’s hair at the very cool barber shop we discovered!, getting dressed AND doing 2 little girls’ hair for the second time that day, I had a very cranky toddler in the car.

Helena familie-2

As recommended by Elaine, I carefully chose and laid out everyone’s clothes, all in the same colour pallet. Seeing trouble was brewing when middle child pulled her own outfit from the cupboard in a very different colour pallet!!, I tried to explain that we should all match. “How will it look if the one dresses in orange, that one in pink, that one in blue, that one in red… – we will look like a circus!” “Or a rainbow”, my son said. And that did it for me. I realised that we are a rainbow. Our family is loud and full of colour. I will not worry about the colour pallet anymore! (took 3 different scarves with me just in case.)

Helena familie-4 Helena familie-3

Years spent as an au-pair was the best training for Elaine’s job, apart from the photography of course. She drew my kids in, complimented them and even took some lead from them. My son wanted a photo where he leaps through the air, and middle child wanted one with her new hair band, etc. Elaine instructed them very well, but never made them feel like they were less important than the shot.

Helena familie-10 Helena familie-9 Helena familie-8 Helena familie-11

Apart from beautiful and relaxed family shoots, Elaine also does maternity and newborn shoots, engagements and couples, children, weddings and portraits. She has a lovely special running for winter – if you book before the end of August 2014, you receive a 30% discount on all location shoots until the end of 2014. Take her up on it! Is there anything more sweet than the faces of your kids and the chance of seeing us all together. As a family, in rainbow colours. Thank you Elaine. xxx


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