Product Review : Cotton Candyfloss

Litza’s package arrived in the post yesterday! I love getting parcels – reminds me of when I was a little girl and my grandma used to send us parcels for our birthdays – filled with all sorts of non-related goodies; sweets, knitted things, toys bought, card written, all packed in brown paper box tied up with string and sealed with red wax. (these are a few of my favourite things…hmmm – hmmm)


Inside were two parcels, one for baby girl and one for baby boy…

IMG-20140707-01413     IMG-20140708-01420

My friend is waiting in for her third little girl and ended up in the hospital a few days earlier than planned. How great is was to deliver her special package in the hospital room where no flower arrangements are permitted. Litza, from Cotton Candyfloss makes up special baby gifts, good enough to eat, but also quality enough to use. For Sonja, it was a white metal bucket filled with soft brushed cotton baby receiving blanket and a pair of soft cotton baby socks. (comes in sizes 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-12mths). All packaged so beautifully. Even the other visitors had to take a picture!

IMG-20140707-01412      IMG-20140707-01414 IMG-20140707-01415      IMG-20140707-01416 IMG-20140707-01417      IMG-20140707-01418

Then today, I blessed my other friend, expecting her 3rd son with a box of cupcake socks!!

IMG-20140708-01421      IMG-20140708-01422 IMG-20140708-01423      IMG-20140708-01424 IMG-20140708-01425      IMG-20140708-01427

Cotton Candyfloss is based in Johannesburg and makes these special gifts for babies and toddlers. What to give my two friends who already have everything? These were a pretty good idea!!

She also makes facecloth cupcakes,


soft rabbits,




glass jam jar with cotton baby grows inside (comes in sizes: 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-12mths),

glass jar jam with cotton baby grow inside 0-3 3-6 6-12

and sweet owls nesting on a branch of cotton baby sock!

owls resting on a branch of cotton socks!

Order these gifts directly from her. She is also one of this month’s exhibitors on our Baby and Kiddies ONLINE Market. Remember to view all the wonderful stands there for NEWBORN gifts in July 2014.

Proudly South African handmade gifts for babies and toddlers
+27 725570255

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