I remember the NEWBORN smell. My daughter was born at home and we wrapped her and then dressed her with bathing her. I would sit and just smell her for days. after a week I realised at some point I would have to bath her. I cried my heart out afterwards as I held her and she smelled of soap, realising that I can never go back and she will never smell like that again. and in all likelihood I will forget what she smelled like. And I did. But I remember what it felt like to smell her. I wanted to lick her little head like and animal their young. Funny isn’t it? did not feel that way with any of my other children or recall such a beautiful smell. I have also asked around and have not found another mother who shared my experience with scent of my NEWBORN. I will never forget how it felt when I lost that. Lost her being NEWBORN. I literally had to encourage myself to enjoy the fact that she is now growing up and that her life is now about her and not anymore just about my experience of her.

I wonder if you can relate. Do you have similar stories of having to release you NEWBORN to grow up? Please share them with me if you will.

I now love the fact that my children are getting older, or youngest is now 3 and suddenly life seems to seep back into my world. We remember what we liked and enjoyed and actually have the time and energy to explore it again. I can go to bed at night and know I can sleep until I wake up. that seem silly to normal ears, but many mother  probably knows what I mean. what it means to be at a dinner date and look at you watch and KNOW you are running out of sleeping time, because after 12am your baby will need you again on a regular basis! none of my 3 kids slept through until they were at least 2years old, so by the time one started sleeping better, the next one came. I remember before I had kids one of my friends told me that it has been a year since she slept through the night. I though it impossible to survive that and look so normal! she must be joking! but I had 7 years of that experience and live to tell it. my kids were good eaters and bad sleepers. yours might be the other way around. xxx But to finish my story, so now I go to bed at night without that feeling of dread. of being totally exhausted and KNOWING that you will not be rested by morning. No I get up early to go running! because once again I have energy left to spent. But there is one bad thing about the kids growing up, no two: I can never go back – they will never be NEWBORN again, never smell that way again, never toddle around and say things in that super cute way again and I WILL FORGET! Too much, I will forget too much. And that’s terribly, even though normal. The second thing is that I am loosing my ability to relate with NEW mothers. And I hate that. It is a very different season in your life with a NEWBORN even if it is your 2nd or 3rd, that to have older kids. And I think it is important to have grace with each other’s seasons.

So this month it is with great joy that I celebrate our NEWBORN ONLINE Market. I get to see NEWBORN babies, meet NEW mothers, and discover NEW ideas and products. If you are in this season of all things NEWBORN, remember to visit and browse through the stands at your own leisure. Comment at the bottom or send me an email or comment on Facebook to I can meet you a little. And share this precious season with you. It goes by so quickly.



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