Almost July, Almost Newborn!

Wow! it has been an interesting month for me. Entering the ONLINE market, editing my own website, smoothing out hiccups, meeting with the designers, discovering new exhibitors, contact with new visitors. Oh I hope that this means we can now reach the whole South Africa via the internet. Both to support my exhibitors but also the visitors.

We reached 1000 visits within 4days after our launch! How great is that? I am so excited that I want to celebrate by making July a special price for exhibiting as well!


So after our Introduction Market. July 2014 will be our NEWBORN market. To celebrate the birth of our NEW market with all things NEW – NEW babies, NEW mothers, NEW products and NEW ideas.


So remember to visit and share with new mothers. As most of my feedback suggests – climb into bed with your laptop in the evening when you have a little time to yourself between kids and husband and sleep and browse through the market at your own leisure. See you there!!!


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